Monday, August 1, 2016

Phases of the Moone 2.1

Anyone who glorifies large “quirky” families has never actually been a part of one.  I have five siblings.  My brother, Basil is the oldest followed by me and my twin brother Oberon

            After that are the triplets, who are thirteen years younger than me, because my parents just couldn’t keep it in their pants. As you may have guessed they’re that couple, you know the type, no matter how old they get they can’t keep their hands off one another, its gross, especially when they’re your parents. 

            Growing up I spend most days fighting over our two bathrooms and trying not to kill anyone else in the house that busted at the seams with people and a cat.  On the plus side our house was always lively, especially around the full moon when three of my family members changed into raging wolf beasts or when Basil’s   imaginary friend, Mystery felt like making herself known to the rest of the family. Everything else in life should have been easy compared to dealing with my family, I learned my family would be the ones that would make the harder parts of my life bearable . Trust me, I built the school of hard knocks from all of my bad decisions starting my junior year of high school ,but my family  was always there. 

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