Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Phases of the Moone 2.2

The first and best mistake I ever made came in the form of a beautiful, older  witch named Brittany Bertiger.  Basil was senior in high school, Oberon and I were juniors and the triplets had just turned two. Basil was still hooked on Mystery, but being basically a ghost (we hoped, for the sake of Basil’s sanity), he couldn’t invite her, so Oberon and I went instead.
             I spotted Brittany on the other side of the dance floor being hit on by a bad boy looking type and she was not returning his flirts.  I had a weakness for people in distress, so when the asshole wouldn’t leave her alone, I stepped in and cast the spell, chattering teeth on him.  He responded by sucker punching me in the face. Next thing I knew the two of us were in the middle of the dance floor beating the crap out of each other. Chaperons quickly pulled us apart and kicked the two of us out of the prom. As soon as we were outside the deuce climbed in his car and drove away.
            I was about to fly home myself when she stepped outside and walked towards me. “Thanks back there, I mean I should have cast a spell myself before the fight escalated before it did, but I’m really grateful none-the-less,”

            “It’s no big deal, really. When people need help I can’t help, but act,” I said. 
She took a wand from her dress pocket and pointed it at me. “Let me at least help the swelling on your face go down.” She stepped closer, I remember her breathe on me and the scent of peppermint coming from her hair.
She waved her wand and a warm glow filled my face. When it faded there was no trace left of me being punched.  The warmth drifted a little lower, but that had nothing to do with her spell. “Thanks. That helped a lot.”
            “Are you busy Saturday night?” she asked.
            “Next Saturday is a full moon there’s a silly trial of courage thing going on in the graveyard. It sounded fun, but you need a date to finish it.”
            “Sure, sounds like fun.” I said, not that any guy in their right mind would say no.
            She kissed me on the cheek. “See you Saturday then.” After that she hopped on her broomstick and flew home.
            My cheek warmed where her lips touched it and I flew home in a pleasant  daze.
            Saturday couldn’t get here soon enough. I wasn’t too nervous, instead I was excited. When I told Oberon about my first date he practically grabbed my hand and pulled me to the closest clothing store. He even offered to pay for me to get a haircut, but I refused. At the time I liked my hair long and only trimmed it when it was absolutely necessary, and I preferred to do that myself. Finally Saturday night arrived and I met Brittany at the graveyard. She wore a hoodie and shorts, but she could of worn a bag and I still would have been head over heels.
“You look great.” Brittany said.

            “Thanks, you look good yourself.” I said.
            She grabbed my hand. “Let’s go. “
            Inside the cemetery it was dark except for glowing blue lamps, Brittany’s wand and the Aura of Soothing I projected to give a us a little bravery boost. The trial itself consisted of following the lanterns on a fence around a  pre-determined path.  Zombies and ghosts shuffled by occasionally, but thanks to the fence they were only as dangerous as a lion or cow plant at the zoo. One zombie did reach over the fence to try and get us, but Brittany and I cast spells at the same time, knocking out the unfortunate zombie.
            When we reached the end of the trial Brittany pointed to the night sky and said, “the stars are lovely tonight, wanna watch them with me for a little while?”
            “Sure,” I said and led her off the path a little, keeping a careful eye out for zombies and ghost, just in case.
            We sat on the ground and Brittany scooted close enough that her knees brushed against mine.  “Thanks for taking me out. “She said in a soft, husky voice.
            “I’m glad you invited me to come with you.” I said.
 She smiled and held my hand in hers. After that we sat in silence for some time just enjoying each other’s company.

             Our date ended when a couple ghosts appeared, chilled the air and killed the mood.  I walked Brittany home and, but when we got to her house she paused in her driveway and grabbed my hands.  I knew what she expected me to do, but I completely froze when I remembered that I’d never kissed a girl before, aside from my mom.  What if I messed up?  When Brittany noticed this she pulled me towards her face and the rest I could figure out on my own. We shared a peppermint scented kiss that I still remember every detail of to this day.

A/N Hope you enjoyed this early update. I'm getting my wisdom-teeth taken out tomorrow (August 4, 2016), so I'm not sure I'll feel up to posting a new chapter on Monday.  However, the latest the next chapter should be up is Next Wed. 

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