Thursday, May 19, 2016

House Hunters: Hidden Springs Gen One, Chapter One

Summer 1 

Dear Diary,

I’ve never really kept a journal or a scrap book before, but considering I just moved away from everything I knew in Appaloosa Plains all the way to Hidden Springs, I thought it would be a good idea. It was for a good opportunity of course, I want to be a chef and there really isn’t a place to advance to that degree back home, but it’s kind of lonely here in my tiny cabin, far from my family. 

Summer 3
Dear Diary,

I hate online dating.  Before work I put a profile up on  and after spending  the rest of the day in a sweltering kitchen  I went to check my messages to wind down for the day and maybe find someone who caught my eye.  The only responses I got were negative ones. It really sucked and reminded me a little too much of middle school, but at least most people in Appaloosa Plains grew out of it. 
Summer 4
Dear Diary,

Tonight was a full moon and a coworker of mine named Lonnie dared everyone at work to go to the graveyard at the end of the day; I thought the dare was silly because the only thing in graveyards are the remains of the dead, even during the full moon.  I ended up being the only one brave enough to go. It started out fine; I even met someone a man named Nicholas Riverhawk who simply likes adventures. We talked for hours and laughed about the silly superstitions people still believed about graveyards. 
At around midnight, the world suddenly fell quiet except for a single moan in the distance. Nicholas put a finger on his lips and in a flash of toxic green light a full-fledged zombie emerged from the ground .
 Nicholas grabbed my hand and we fled that graveyard and didn’t stop until we reached my house nearby.  I made him some pancakes to thank him and hoped he’d stay for a little longer, but he needed to go home. Hidden Springs seems to be a town full of secrets, but I hope I won't run into anymore monsters anytime soon.

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