Thursday, May 26, 2016

House Hunters : Hidden Springs 1.2

Summer 5

Dear Diary,

Today I went to The Summer Festival with Nicholas. Most of the trip was talking and flirting , but at one point we actually got involved in a water balloon fight. My clothes were soaked, but it was so much fun acting like little kids again. 

After that we dried off by dancing. The dance started out as just silly , but then the song changed to something slower. Nicholas pulled me into a waltz and we gazed in each other's eyes  the whole time. 
After several more dances the festival closed and I took him home, I almost felt guilty, I mean we hardly know each other. Thankfully Nicholas was gentleman and didn't make any uncomfortable moves. Instead we just watched the stars and talked until the sun came up.
Sadly he had to leave after that, I can't wait until we see each other again. 

Summer 8
Dear Diary,

        Life is great right now, although I’ve been a little too busy to write. Recently I got two promotions at work rather quickly, one after the other. I’m officially a Kitchen Scullion at work. It’s a lot less terrible than in sounds, I basically get to work on the short orders at the restaurant and close just about every night. It isn’t the most exciting job, but worth it. Especially since Nicholas decided he wanted to celebrate my promotion.

He took me to this high end dance club called Lars Disco Tech. At first we simply danced and enjoyed  ourselves. 
While all that was fun and everything, guess what happened a few hours later? We had a few drinks and then Nicholas asked me out! I was so excited he wanted to make things official that I leapt into his arms. 

He caught me of course and then we kissed and talked all night. I think I might be in love, I really hope he feels the same. 

Summer 10 

Dear Diary,

I was wrong; Nicholas doesn’t feel the same at all. Today was Leisure Day and we decided to celebrate by going to the Summer Festival. At first things were going great, we went to the festival and gorged ourselves  on hot dogs and funnel cake, talked and flirted, but then as the evening  was winding down he told me he knew this great place to watch the fireworks. I thought that sounded fun and he led me to an abandoned cabin by the shore where we watched a lot of really pretty fireworks, but then things got a little hotter  when we went inside the cabin(which had furniture in it for some reason) and  started making out.  One thing led to another and we were suddenly in bed together. 

We cuddled until we drifted to sleep lying next to each other , but when I woke the next morning, Nicholas was long gone. 

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