Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rules, Regualtions and intros : House Hunters: Hidden Springs

For my first challenge I'm going to do  a Sims 3  Legacy/Housacy challenge.

Basically a Legacy challenge for Sims 3 is basically starting with a founder who has nothing and getting through ten generations , with  hopefully tons of money and good stuff like that by the end. This is also a Housacy which means the heir of each generation must live in a different type of house, mostly because I'm not a fan of building houses from scratch or staying in one place for all ten generations, that just gets boring. A more elaborate version of the rules can be found here and the heir will be determined by reader vote.

 This challenge will  take place in Hidden  Springs, because I love that world. Now, how about I introduce the founder before this challenge really starts, since the rest of it will be written in a diary format with screenshots.

Name: Betsy Founder
Lifetime Wish: Five Star Chef
Traits: Nurturer, Green Thumb,Hopeless Romantic, Natural Cook,Family Oriented
Favorite Food: Cobbler
Favorite Color: Aqua
Sign: Aries
House: Log Cabin

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