Thursday, June 9, 2016

Phases of the Moone- A SN Legacy: Intro.

Because I my laptop died, I lost my Housacy I was working, but  I got a new computer, so here's a new challenge. This one is a Supernatural Legacy challenge set in Moonlight Falls. The rules are  found here:

For my own challenge I'm gonna change a few things though. Firstly, one male heir must get abducted by aliens and have a heir that way. I'm also not going to use Genies because I don't have Showtime and I honestly don't want it.I don't have or want the  Into the Future or Island  Paradise EP either , so no Simbots  or Mermaids. However, I may get University later when I have more money. If I do one heir will be a plant sim. I'm also gonna add Bonehilda and a  mummy to the house at some point as well. Also. an imaginary friend tall must be brought to life and turned human at least once.   Lastly, I'm not going to limit the entire legacy to one house, but they will stay in Moonlight Falls. If multiples of the love interest's occult type  are born first, the first born of the multiples will be the heir. 
If you're  still interested let's meet our founder. 

Name:Ramona Moone
Occult Type:Werewolf
Traits: Brave, Gatherer,Nurturer, Daredevil, and Good
Lifetime Wish: Firefighter Superhero

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