Thursday, July 14, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.10

It took a few weeks, but we found an affordable house somewhat close to Moonlight Falls’ graveyard. It was a modest place, but the perfect size for our future family and we immediately started remodeling to make the place our own.

            The first room we remodeled was me and Jasper’s. I still have the pictures and it amazes me how little our room has changed since we first moved there. 

            The next room we remodeled was Basil’s; unlike ours it has changed many times over the years. However the version that was his nursery still holds a special place in my heart. In hindsight the sheer amount of orange may have been a little much, but the color looked good on him and still does to this day.

Other items we added during those first couple days including extending the house a little so Jasper had a place for his plants and our unborn twins would have a room. We didn’t do much else to it until a few doctors’ trips down the road when out doctor swore that both of them would be girls. In response we made the room purple and pink.  By the time all that was finish we had a lot of spending we had to make up for and things were a little tight for awhile. Even after the twins were born and we found out they were in fact both boys, there was no money left to change the room, so our newest boys were stuck in a pink and purple nursery.
            Just like Basil’s I remember their birth like it was yesterday.  We were experiencing an Indian summer. Fall leaves danced with a gentle wind. While it wasn’t hot, the breeze was warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. On that same day, Basil took his first steps.
 Hours after that my water broke, unlike last time the hospital bag was already packed and we got to the hospital in just a few minutes. Ashe Augustus Moone was born first and even then he looked just like his father. My labor with him was about double the length of his twin and when he finally decided to come out he immediately burst to tears, but just for a few seconds and then a cute little frown appeared on his face and would stay there for most of his childhood.

            Oberon James Moone quietly followed a few minutes later. For a few seconds me, Jasper, the doctor and the nurses held their breath, unspoken worries clouded the air until  he finally cried and cleared his lungs, but only for a few minutes. When he stopped a little smile filled his face and then he drifted to sleep. I held them both, speechless, but happy. It still amazes me how opposite the two of them are, even in appearance. While both of them had Jasper’s skin-tone and wings, Oberon had dark hair while Ashe had light. Oberon’s eyes were darker, although both sets were a mix of both Jasper’s spring green and my yellow. I glanced quickly from our two newest additions to Jasper and indulged in a moment of pride; we made beautiful babies together.

I stayed in the hospital a little longer than I did with Jasper because I’d just given birth to twins firstly, but secondly the nurses were concerned by the fact that Oberon reacted a little slower to things like my face , than the other babies including Ashe. He moved less, looked at people less and cried less.  I started to worry a little more myself with each shot and blood test he went through without results. Finally, after a month the doctors decided we could go home when there were no other tests they could do on my newborn. I eagerly took them home, worries firmly planted in the back of my mind.
            “Oberon is fine, he might just be a little slow,” Jasper assured me.
 His words and gestures of comfort didn’t make me feel any better and for the next year of Oberon’s life I studied manuscript after manuscript about babies and  what phases they needed to hit and when. Ashe was always ahead while Oberon was just a little behind.
            “Babies learn at different rates, he’s fine.” Jasper always assured me and I worried, but tried to put it aside on their birthday. I let them make a mess of their cakes and toddle after Basil wherever he went and I was happy and relaxed but a mother can never put her concerns away  for too long.

A/N Apologies for  this late update and only having one this week. Things have been a bit busy. Next update Tuesday (I swear!)

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