Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.8

When my “stomach bug” didn’t go away I took the day off of work and went to the doctor’s office with Jasper. When the doctor told us that I wasn’t sick, but rather pregnant I remember Jasper breathed a sigh of relief and then his cheek-to-cheek grin filled his face.
“Can I feel your belly?” he asked
“As soon as we get back to the apartment,” I said.

Once home I obliged his request and a look of pure contentment filled his face. “What do we want to name our child?” he asked.
I smiled." We don't even know the sex yet, we should figure that out before we start brainstorming baby names.  

What I didn’t tell Jasper at the time was that I was far more concerned about my child’s species rather than their sex. What if they were a werewolf like me and lived in fear of themselves every day? What if a hybrid was born and the fairy and werewolf genes didn’t mix well?  Could I even give birth to a fairy if the baby took after Jasper?  I should have voiced my concerns, but I didn’t. Jasper just looked so happy and excited about the new baby and I didn’t want to kill the mood.
            I kept my issues to myself until the day my water broke. It was a grim, gray, autumn day. Fog hung over Moonlight Falls and by then most of the trees were bare. We were sitting on our couch and a booming thunderclap filled the air.
            Moments later I felt excruciating pain in my abdomen. “Jasper. It’s time.” Adrenaline pumped through my veins as the worries I’d been having surfaced all over again.
            After that  the car ride, hospital lobby, serious-faced doctors and pain  blurred together until I held Basil Windstone Moone in my arms and then everything crystallized into a single moment of elation as I looked into my son’s face.  The elation faded and I burst to tears.
            “What’s wrong?” Jasper asked and all my worries came flooding out. After a few soft assurances by Jasper I felt a lot better and a few days later we returned home with our brand new son. 
            Rasputin regarded him with wary acceptance and all my worries seemed to have gone to bed. I wasn’t even worried about the full moon, because I knew I would never hurt my own child. He didn’t even cry when my wolf side came out once  as I was putting him down for the night. 
 A year later I would realize that his lack of fear foreshadowed a whole new issue that Basil would have to deal with his entire life. 

A/N I know this is a shorter entry, but I really didn't take enough pictures to create a longer picture of Basil's babyhood (I also have lifespan set pretty close to default, so three (in-game) days doesn't provide a lot to write about).  Next post should be closer to my usual length. 

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