Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.13

Before I knew it, Basil reached his thirteenth birthday. It was a bittersweet moment because he had grown into a wonderful young man, but I knew that in just a few years he’d be out of his house and on his own.
 With his birthday I was positive that he’d forget about Mystery completely, but he didn’t and instead asked for a chemistry set so he could create the potion needed to bring her to life. I didn’t want to get him the set at first because he was much too old for us to encourage his frankly delusion behavior. However, strange things started to happen around the house. For instance one day I swore I saw a plate moving towards the dishwasher on its own, when I moved in to get a closer look it was right back on the table where it was left earlier. 
            Things got even stranger when we got a call from the Science Lab mentioning that they saw Basil talking to an invisible  being on one of the class field trips. They requested he come back to their lab with 2000 simoleons and a rainbow gem. I couldn’t help but wonder if there something to be said about Basil’s claims. 
            Jasper seemed to feel the same way. “Perhaps we should get Basil chemistry set and see what happens.”
            “I think you’re right.” I said.
As soon as we got him that chemistry set, Basil’s life greatly improved. While he still had few friends and talked about Mystery constantly, he did join both The Science and Shop clubs to help improve his chemistry skills. I had high hopes that he'd make actual friends in the his  clubs. 
            Life became pretty routine after that. The boys would go to school and their clubs , I would go to work and Jasper would  tend to his plants  and manage the house. One spring morning, Jasper and I decided to change up the routine after the boys left for school. I didn’t have work for a few hours yet so we decided to take advantage of our alone time. What started with a simple  dance to shake up the morning routine  ended in the shower and  most people could guess what happened after that. 

            I was older than I was when the boys were born, so I figured that my child birthing days were over, but a few weeks later I woke up feeling more nauseous than I ever had before.  I had my suspicions, but refused to believe I was expecting any more kids, until I puked my guts out shortly after the boys got home from school. The one bathroom we had was occupied so I spilled basically everything I’d consumed that day on our front lawn.

 I pulled Jasper to the side and told him about my symptoms. “What are we going to do?” I asked him in a hushed tone.
            “We’ll be fine. What’s one more kid? We’ll build Basil his own personal bachelor pad outside the house and give his room to the new baby. Not to mention Ashe and Oberon’s thirteenth birthday is just a few months away, we’ll have plenty of help,” Jasper said.
            At the time I believed every word he said and even looked forward to the new baby, but sometimes life isn’t quite as simple as you’d like it to be. 

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