Friday, July 29, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.14

            Towards the end of the pregnancy we put the finishing touches on Basil’s bachelor pad.  Like his nursery and bedroom before that we painted most of it orange. We also added an extra bathroom in it since he needed one and one simply wouldn’t be enough anymore after the new baby arrived. 
Around the same time Ashe and Oberon turned thirteen. Since the house was a mess after the construction we decided to celebrate their birthday  in a nearby park. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, maybe not, but I cried when they blew out the candles.  A few days after the party my water broke and Jasper rushed me to the hospital. 

As soon as the car started going anxiety crept into my skull. According to the doctor we were expecting twins again, two girls, but he also warned me that my advanced age of near forty meant  that  a C-section was almost guaranteed. Before this moment building Basil’s room had kept my mind busy so I didn’t worry about everything that could go wrong or worry my kids about it, now nothing was holding them back.
            Jasper grabbed my hand and held it until the paperwork was signed and I was in my hospital bed. I wished he could have stayed throughout the entire birth, but as my doctor expected, I needed a C-section.
            The rest of the labor is a blur of anesthesia  and Epidural until one phrase cleared the fog, although the voice that said it was distant. “There’s one more’
            A few minutes later a nurse held two little girls and Jasper held a little boy. I grabbed at the air trying to get a hold of at least one of my kids, but a nurse was pulling me away.
            “Mrs. Moone," she said in a cold, stilted voice, “You’ve lost a lot of blood, we have to get you a transfusion immediately.”
            In my medicated state I tried to stand and my head spun. The nurse gently pressed me back down onto the bed and I didn’t fight her.
            The triplets and I spent an extra three weeks in the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. When we returned home I was greeted by Jasper and three handsome young men. Wfen I saw them  a thousand stresses melted away. There would be a lot of growing pains, but for now I was relieved the triplets were alive and healthy.
            The oldest of them a werewolf like me, Like Basil she should no signs of being an occult, but by them we knew better. We named her Maribelle Jane Moone.

 Next in line was another little girl with wings matching Jasper’s, Ashe and Oberon’s, we named her  Posie Olivia Moone. Like Ashe she took after Jasper in many other ways as well.

            Lastly there was our last boy, he was a fairy and we named him Jack Michael Moone, after my boss who passed a couple  years after he retired.  He helped we a lot when I first moved to Moonlight Falls a lifetime ago. 
 I looked from the miracle triplets to the older kids to Jasper and tears welled up in my eyes.
            “Are you okay, Mom?” Oberon asked.
            I didn’t say a word, just nodded, no words would fit.  This was my legacy and I couldn’t have wished for a better one. 
With those parting words we move on to generation two.

Final Side Note: Ramona giving birth to triplets really was a legitimate surprise. I'd forgotten I'd set the default "Woohoo" to risky using NRAAS Woohooer  and so when she got pregnant I wasn't expecting it . I wasn't expecting triplets either since I'd also forgotten both Jasper and Ramona had gotten the fertility treatment reward. All and all I think this little surprise at the end made this story more interesting. 

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