Thursday, July 7, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.9

For the longest time Basil showed no signs of being an occult. He didn’t have wings like Jasper and he didn’t transform during the full moon like me. I hoped that meant it was impossible for him to inherit my furry problem. That changed when his first birthday fell on a full moon. The moment the moon fully rose into the sky, just like me he transformed. His first target, our brand new love seat, and then he filled the apartment with a shrill, feral howl.

The rest of the night, besides that reveal, is a blur. I don’t even think my wolf side cared.Giving birth to a new werewolf meant it had the beginnings of a pack. Jasper assures me I never made plans like that, no matter what I thought the next morning. I’m not so sure, but I never acted on them. I  wish I could write my past self a letter assuring her that all the worrying she would do for the next several years was a waste of time, but I couldn't. 
Anyways, the next day Basil seemed unaffected by his transformation, but the next moon was always in the back of my mind in those days.  
Because the full moon interrupted any type of party we could have set on his actual birthday, we had a quiet family celebration the next day.  Jasper also wanted to get something really special for his first birthday, so we went to the Consignment shop of all places.
“There’s this really popular doll sold there that everyone is getting. Basil will love it!” he exclaimed like a child about to spend their Christmas money.
“If you say so.” I said.
It was a nice fall day and the Consignment store wasn’t too far away, so we walked. Basil rode on Jasper’s shoulders the entire time. At the time, that was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.  Watching them together melted away my worries, at least until we got to the store and saw the dolls.  At the time there was a whole shelf dedicated to them and they all looked like differently colored clowns of the same mold and there was just something strange about them.
Jasper looked up towards Basil. “All right Bud, point to your favorite color." 
“Daddy, I wants that one.” Basil said and pointed to one that was some sort of off-salmon color.
“You don’t have to get one of the dolls if you don’t want it, Basil,”
Basil crossed his arms. “I do too wants her. Her name is Mizteree”
Jasper picked the doll up. “Mystery is a great name.” He handed the doll to Basil and paid the cashier. I didn’t argue anymore because Basil wanted it so badly and we were celebrating his birthday, but things only got stranger from there.  Anytime Basil had free time he was playing with or singing to the doll.
At one point I got so concerned I asked Jasper, “Do you think he’s lonely? Does he need siblings?  I mean I know you work from home, but I am gone a lot during the day...”
“ I’m sure it’s just a phase, plus you should be proud of how far you’ve come, you’re the Assistant Fire Chief now. Plus I wouldn’t call working noon to five working a lot during the day,” Jasper said.
I agreed to stop worrying about it. It was common for toddlers to attach themselves to a certain stuffed animal or blanket. In hindsight I'm glad we bought him the doll, but it never stopped being unusual. 
Months went by and Jasper and I worked on teaching Basil anything we though he might need to know. When he learned most of his basics I started wanting more kids for  entirely different reasons.
One day, near the full moon  I randomly burst into tears after work.
Jasper immediately pulled me into a hug. “What’s wrong, Ramona?”  he asked after we ended the embrace.
“Basil is growing up so fast! In just a couple years he’ll be starting kindergarten and then middle school and…”  I blubbered.
Jasper hugged me again and then whispered in a husky voice,“ Does this mean you want to try for more?” 
 My tears stopped and I whispered back, "Sounds fun to me.

            It didn’t take long before a familiar wave of nausea woke me up a few mornings later.  The doctor’s visits that followed confirmed it, I was pregnant but this time we were expecting twins.
            The car ride back home was quiet. Basil was asleep in his car seat and both Jasper and I were reeling from the news.
            “Jasper, I think we should buy a house,” I said breaking the silence.
            “I was thinking the same thing,” he said. 

A/N Not too many pictures this time, simply because most of the remaining ones  I have were taken in the new house. Next entry should make up for  this one though. See you Wed. since my husband and I are going out of town. 

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