Thursday, June 16, 2016

Phases of the Moone : 1.3

    The next day at work I came across Larry and the old man. Larry was once again transformed and was growling at and threatening the old man for no reason as far I could tell. Rage built up inside me. How could anyone treat such a kind soul that way? The rest of shift is a blur, but I do remember transforming, getting into a fight with Larry and regaining my composure several miles away from the firehouse.  

That day I realized that even though my curse could cause more problems than solutions, it has its uses. However, that doesn’t stop from dreading every full moon  a little or living in fear of my own emotions. After I figured out where I was, I returned to the station and prepared to finish my shift. Instead of getting a scolding or running into another fight Jasper greeted me with a smile and then shifted to the size of a large moth. At first I was confused as to what exactly he planned, but then he flew around me and did a couple loop-di-loops in the air.  A feeling of warmth filled my chest and I couldn’t help, but crack a small smile of my own.

Jasper changed back to his normal size and said, “I had a few friends call about a werewolf on the loose that had a striking resemblance to my roommate.” I blushed a little, but before I could say anything Jasper cut me off. “I figured you had a rough day, so I thought I’d pick you up at the end of your shift. “
“Thanks.” I said.
            When I walked into out apartment the delicious smell of fresh  mac- and-cheese greeted me. Jasper explained that he decided to dabble in cooking, although he never really done it before, because he thought I’d need it. The meal was a little crispy, but not bad.
            When we finished Jasper asked, “The sky is so clear tonight, do you want to watch the stars?”
            I agreed and we went outside. The sky really was lovely and Jasper’s wings almost shimmered in the moonlight.The only problem was I couldn’t help, but give the quarter moon a worried look . In just a few days it would be full again. 
 The next few days passed mostly uneventfully. There were a couple fires, but nothing large enough to cause too much damage or injury. They did lead to me getting promoted a couple more times until I became a Hose Handler. About the only thing that changed, besides my paycheck, was that sometimes I got to go to schools and speak about fire safety. I even led an adult fire safety class once, which I enjoyed. Before I knew it the full moon hung above Moonlight Falls, like a demon of insanity bent on bringing out the worst sides of Sims and Occults alike.
            I strongly encouraged Jasper to stay at a friend’s house for the night, but he refused. “You really need a friend tonight.”
            “But what if I become dangerous?” I argued.
            Jasper simply smiled his sweet smile that still lights up a whole room all these years later. “If it becomes necessary I can defend myself. I am a fairy after all.”
            I hesitantly agreed to let him stay. The rest of the night was a blur, but when I woke up the next morning Jasper told me everything exactly as it happened. He even had pictures. I was a little uncomfortable with that, but he insisted it was a good thing to face my demons. He claimed his brother, a psychiatrist specializing in Occults, told him that. Now, I can look back and agree that he was right. I still have those pictures and laugh at them since the worst thing I did that night was scratch the furniture and eat from my dinner bowl like a dog.I also wasn't the only one to misbehave during the full moon. He set a few fairy traps that I got caught in the next day. He also  scared me and I growled back.

 At the time though, I wasn’t nearly as okay with my curse as I am today and I cried the next morning.  We hugged and Jasper assured me that everything was okay. That was the  moment I fell in love with him.


  1. Sorry to send another message. I'm falling in love with Jasper, too!