Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.6

The next day at work was pretty slow. I spent most of it working out firetruck to make sure that it ran efficiently.  The combined with many other factors including the small fire I swiftly put out later  on during my swift led me to being promoted to Fire Captain. The only bad thing about the promotion was  I'd be work a little later, but not too late  that I couldn't see Jasper. 

 I rushed home immediately after my shift and told Jasper the good news. Apparently the vegetables he grew to sell were worth a lot more now as well.
                “I can even make them bloom magically so I can sell them faster. Watch this!” he practically skipped over to one of his plants and within seconds it had bloomed.
                “Isn’t that cheating a little bit?” I asked.
                He smirked. “Why work harder when you can work smarter or at least take advantage of your skills?”  I was about to agree when he grabbed my hand. “We should celebrate.”
I wasn’t sure what he planned until when ended up in front of the elevator.  “Want to be part of the floor 10 club?” he asked, his eyes glinting with mischief.
Most of the other people in our apartment were in bed, so I gently grabbed him by his apron straps with one hand and pressed the up button of the elevator with the other, so the doors opened and I pulled him in side. I’m sure most people can guess what happened next.

I don’t know  whether I was simply riding a wave of complete bliss or what, but the moment we stepped back into our apartment I dropped down on one knee and proposed to Jasper right then and there. The only ring I had was a white ,plastic one a little girl gave me in return for putting out the day’s fire. Without hesitation he said yes. 
            I spent the next few days on cloud nine. The only other person on it with me was Jasper Windstone. In our little bubble we combined our rooms into one and decided that we’d take my name since I was the main breadwinner between to two of us ( not that Jasper minded that and his gardening business did help quite a bit). He also wasn’t a fan of his last name for some reason. To this day, I don’t know why. The biggest explanation he’s given me is that he simply didn’t like how it sounded.
             As for wedding plans, we didn’t make any besides buying matching gold bands. During that phase of our life there were important things to worry about, like paying bills. I called my mom exactly once and asked her about it. She suggested simply going to the local courthouse since big weddings weren’t worth the expense.
            “Trust me, I had a big wedding and it was the most stressful months of my life and your father and I’s ceremony lasted barely twenty minutes, “she said during the phone call. 
One thing Jasper did strongly suggest was a Bachelor party for him and Bachelorette party for me.
“You should always take advantage of an excuse to celebrate if it presents itself,” he said. “It keeps the world sane.”
I agreed, but only if it was a combined Bachelor- Bachelorette party.  For one any party was expensive  enough and for two I really didn’t want one. The closest thing I had to a friend (besides Jasper) was Baylee Howler and even then we weren’t exactly bosom-buddies. He agreed to my  terms.

We set the Bachelor-Bachelorette party for the following Friday and I didn’t even bother to take off from work.  The party started an hour after my shift ended and it really wasn’t that great.  The most annoying thing about the whole evening was that Baylee hired one of her friends as “entertainment” for the evening. While I’m sure part of woman’s job description was to be flirty with Jasper, her actions bothered me so much,  my wolf side came out at the party. I vaguely remember fighting Baylee over  the issue, since she hired the exotic dancer. Other than that, no one was hurt, but poor Rasputin spent the rest of the evening hiding in his fish basket. 

Eventually I calmed down, returned to my human form and ended the evening by spraying Jasper with Champagne, thus bringing  the disastrous evening to an end.  After that Jasper and I agreed to never throw a party like that again. 

However, Jasper still insists that despite all the chaos that went down during the party, he had a good time. I couldn't disagree more. 

A/N So sorry for this late update. My husband and I were busy on both Monday and Tuesday.  There will still be a new update tomorrow as scheduled. 
Side note: Funny story about Jasper and Ramona  "celebrating" in the elevator. I simply gave them the command   to woohoo  they chose to do it in the elevator all on their own, which I  think is kind of funny. 

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