Thursday, June 23, 2016

Phases of the Moone 1.5

                The day after Leisure Day I went to work walking on air. My mood immediately diminished when I realized no one else was at work that day, and their shifts started before mine. Since everyone else decided to play hooky I focused on maintaining the fire station, just in case an emergency did happen. I started with the fire alarms and worked my way through the station, fixing anything that needed it. I finished the day by inspecting the fire truck  and working out a little. 

 By the time my shift ended, everything hurt. As usual Jasper patiently listened to my rants about work.  When I finished venting, I realized there was a childish excitement in Jasper’s eyes, like he wanted to tell me something exciting.  I felt a little bad for ranting so long.
                “How was your day, Babe?’ I asked.
                The usual huge grin filled his face. “Since we’re together now, and have already lived together for a while now, I was thinking that it might be fun to adopt a cat .”
 I paused as familiar worries filled my head.  What if my wolf side hurt the cat or worse yet got hungry and decided kitty tartar would hit the spot?  “I don’t know about that, Jasper. “
                “You’re worried about you wolf side again, aren’t you?” He asked and I nodded. I swear his green eyes can still see right through me.  “How many times do I need to tell you that your wolf side is not violent at all? I bet you’d be more likely to protect your cat than eat it. Wolves are really protective of those they care about after all. “
                I was still hesitant, but said, “All right, but if anything happens, or almost happens to this cat next full moon, we’ll find a safer home for it. Agreed?”

                After a few weeks of research and browsing various adoption centers and houses in town where cats had recently given birth we came across a shy, Russian Blue at a local shelter and fell in love immediately.  Jasper named him Rasputin and I agreed that it suited him.  He took a little longer to warm up to me than Jasper, but the moment he crawled into my lap right before bed my hurt melted.  While not religious, I prayed that he could stay with us as long as he wished. 

Before we knew it, the dreaded full moon rose again. As usual all my knowledge of the night comes in vague flashes of memory and secondhand accounts, but Jasper insists I didn’t try to harm Rasputin at all. However, both of us went a little wild that night since we decided  to go out. 
                According to Jasper we spent most of the night in the Fae Ray Gardens.  The first thing we did  was dance outside a fairy castle. Jasper cast a spell on it so that it played music.  I have no recollection of that, but I do remember that we kissed afterwards and one thing led to another until he pulled me into the castle and we made love for the first time. it  was an odd sensation, but not a bad one. 
I think I felt ravenous afterward and no restaurant was open besides the grocery. Jasper confirms that and jokes that I may have eaten him if there wasn’t a twenty-four hour grocery nearby.  It took we awhile to be comfortable enough to laugh at that  joke, but now I consider the hodgepodge picnic dinner we put together that night  a great memory, although the details are still a little fuzzy.

                We returned home after the picnic and the next morning I woke up next to him in his bed.  I was super embarrassed at the time, but Jasper insisted that my fur was comfortable to snuggle against, like a favorite stuffed animal.  I’m still not sure if that’s  a compliment or not, but knowing Jasper it was high praise. 

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