Thursday, June 9, 2016

Phases of the Moone- A Sims 3 Supernatural Legacy 1.1

            Moonlight Falls, a place many supernatural Sims go to avoid the average Sim’s rather huge fear of anything occult, or so I’ve heard.  Who am I?  My name’s Ramona Moone and on the night of my high school graduation I was attacked by a huge dog. Later, after waking up  a few mornings later, covered in pieces of the family couch and some dried leaves I realized it was actually a werewolf and now, so was I.
When my neighbors found out, they immediately demanded my hide and my mom strongly suggested I move to Moonlight Falls, where  humans are more accepting of occults. I agreed, I was a young adult  after all and Hidden Springs wasn’t too far from Moonlight Falls, so I could still call on my family if I needed them.  Not to mention affordable apartments had recently been built, so I could easily save all the money I needed.
                After I made up my mind about the move I went to bed, expecting to look for apartments in the morning. Unfortunately, my much more daring wolf side decided to make a blind purchase that night instead, somehow I ended up with a 3-bedroom apartment far beyond my means and a year-long contract I couldn't  back out of. On the bright side, my neighbors were quite friendly and greeted me the moment I walked into my huge, bare apartment. The group consisted of a fairy, another werewolf and quite the open-minded human. 

                After they left I knew my next task was to get a job, so I decided that in order to make up for all the future harm I knew my wolf side would cause, I’d get a job that would help as many people as it harmed. I went to the library and checked the classifieds, the most appealing job I found was a firefighter, so I went to the fire department and signed up to be a water-girl.  I got the details of the job,picked up everything I needed and  and went back home to get some rest.  As I literally set on the side of  the bathtub eating cereal because I couldn’t afford chairs, a thought occurred to me; I needed a roommate. 

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