Monday, June 13, 2016

Phases of the Moone- A Sims 3 Supernatural Legacy 1.2

            The next day, before I could do anything about finding a roommate I had to go to work. There I met my coworkers: Baylee Howler, Larry Gandillon and Michael Blainstreet .They were  okay co-workers; I got along with Mr. Blainstree the best. We actually talked for a long time and he told me everything I needed to know about Moonlight Falls and even gave we a few tips to help my career. 

        Baylee and Larry weren’t bad, but they were werewolves and were not afraid to show their wolf side. I’ve heard about werewolves forming packs, but based on how Baylee and Larry acted I decided to   stay a lone wolf. At one point they both just transformed while we were on the clock and attacked the furniture. .  I know it sounds kind of rude, but eventually I avoided them all together by working out at the firehouse, which I needed to do  anyways if I wanted to succeed as a firefighter, at least Mr. Blainstreet told me that was a good idea. 
  I wasn't working out long before  the fire alarm called me to my first emergency. I immediately climbed in the firetruck, turned the sirens all the way up and sped to the site of the fire. It was a small fire, so thankfully no one was hurt. 

                When I returned to the firehouse the old man actually told me that I’d been promoted to   Soot Stripper. Honestly, the only difference between that rank and water girl is the pay and the raise wasn't  enough to pay for the house on my own, let alone fill it with furniture.  Right after work I jogged straight to the library and put up an ad seeking a roommate. Fittingly the Moonlight Falls Library was filled with ghosts, not that they bothered anyone or anything. I even talked to one, at least until he she started talking about her death. I kind  of walked away after that, she didn’t follow me. 
A few days  and several interviews later I chose a fairy named Jasper Windstone as my roommate. From our first conversation I thought he was handsome and a kindred spirit. Like me, he moved to Moonlight Falls to start fresh. He didn’t give me many details, just that he’s originally from Riverview and moved away from an unpleasant ex.  For work he sold produce and alchemy ingredients he grew himself. Because of that our apartment became part greenhouse, but it did save us money on groceries since he always like to keep some of his fruits and vegetables for himself and at the time, that was super helpful.  Little did I know he’d impact my life a lot more down the line than just helping with the bills.


  1. At first, I thought the elder would be Michael Blanestreet.

    Have you tried to visit the graveyard to check if his ashes are there?

  2. Actually Michael Blainstreet is a good match. Thanks and I will check the graveyard for his ashes

    1. I hope you've found him! Thanks for the message on my blog, too! XD